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Try a dance class

We just opened the doors to our new dance school for Kids, teens and adults at the Wellness center of Los Naranjos Golf Club in Marbella. It was a joy to meet so many happy dancers in our classes during the “open house”. It was the first time in a dance studio for most of our kids, and to see the progress from shy and nervous to happy, smiley and energetic is the best reward there is! If you couldn't make it to our “Open house” during our opening week, you are more than welcome to try a class during the first 5 weeks of the term. We would love to see you! Because our goal is to spread the joy of dance to everyone!

DH opens in Marbella

Danshuset (House of Dance) opens their first ever dance studio abroad. We are one of Sweden largest private dance centers with seventeen years experience of teaching dance to kids, teens and adults. Our new studio will be located at the Wellness Studio of Los Naranjos, one of Marbellas most exclusive golf clubs.


Natalie - dance teacher

Natalie has got eight years of teaching experience. You can find her classes listed below:

• Showkids (age 5 - 8)
• Streetkids (age 6 - 8)
• DH Stars (age 6 - 8)
• Showjazz (age 9 - 15)
• Streetdance (age 12 - 15)


10% discount at the Wellness Studio

All our customers get a 10% discount at Los Naranjos Wellness Studio. The Wellness Studio offers massage, workout classes, beauty treatments, manicure, pedicure and much more.
Los Naranjos >>>
Wellness Studio >>>


Student performance

At the end of each term, the students get to perform on stage. We put together a colourful and vibrant show, and are well known for delivering truly excellent performances. We always use real stage lights and a professional audio system, which is often very appreciated by the students and audience. All Marbella classes will participate in the show.


Water bottle for free

If you sign up for any of our classes in Marbella you get a DH water bottle for free. The bottles will be handed out at class some time during the term.

Student performance 2012 - Peter Pan

Student performance 2012 - Shrek